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October 5, 2009

This blog has moved

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In keeping consistent with our name change, the URL for the  ACRL MD blog has moved to  Please bookmark/subscribe to the new blog address to keep current on the happenings of the division.

September 21, 2009

Name change

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On Wednesday, September 16, the MLA Council approved ARLD’s name change to the Association of College and Research Libraries, Maryland Chapter – ACRL MD for short.

This name change will more closely align the MLA division with the national ACRL organization.  The new name will help make us instantly recognizable as THE organization for Maryland’s academic librarians.

September 11, 2009

ARLD Meeting Minutes 9/10/09

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Fall program (9/18/09)
Registration is low at this point (13 morning, 12 afternoon).  The registration deadline will be extended until Monday 9/14/09.  Please pass on the program description to any colleagues, friends, etc. who may be interested in attending.
Danielle will pick up Judi from the hotel Friday morning.
It was suggested that the programs be video-taped to make available at a low cost for those who are unable to attend in person.  It was decided that there will not be enough time to make the necessary arrangements before 9/18/09.

Annual conference (4/21/09-4/23/09)
Deadline for speaker forms is Oct. 10th.

There are several speakers interested in doing sessions related to information literacy.  The possibility of a panel discussion was suggested or a 2 hour 45 minute session featuring several speakers on different topics related to information literacy.  Danielle will contact the interested speakers to determine which format will work best.

It was also suggested that ARLD should try to increase academic librarians’ interest in the MLA Annual Conference.  Friday could potentially be a day for sessions of interest to academic libraries/librarians in order to alleviate the cost of hotels and registration fees for those only interested in sessions related to academic librarians.  A separate “Academic Libraries” track could be formalized to promote the involvement of academic libraries at the MLA conference.  The Virginia Library Association’s Annual Conference might be a good model for this.

The proposed “technology session” will consist of two main components: (1) A hands-on opportunity for librarians to look at and play with mobile devices; (2) A show and tell component where library websites will be viewed on mobile devices; tips and advice for designing mobile websites and making library websites more “mobile friendly” will be shared.  David and Alison will continue to do the planning for this session.

There are two pre-conferences planned for this year’s conference:

  • one full day workshop on project management
  • one 1/2 day workshop on graphic design

Spring program (date TBD)
The Spring program will be based around the idea of an unconference.  The program should be relatively inexpensive. Anyone wishing to contribute to the planning of the program (i.e. choosing a location, topics, marketing) should get in touch with Michael.

Several ideas were mentioned in relation to when this program should be held.  There was general consensus that holding the program in May (after the Annual conference) would be best.

Name Change
A vote was held to change the official name of the Academic and Research Libraries Division of MLA to ACRL, Maryland Chapter.  The name change was approved unanimously.  The abbreviated form of the divisions new name will be ACRL MD. The decision will now be taken to the MLA Executive Council for final approval. David will look into reflecting this change in the name of the division’s WordPress blog and Yahoo! group.

August 19, 2009

Upcoming ARLD meeting – Thursday, September 10th

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Vote on Name Change at September 10 Business Meeting

ARLD will hold a vote during our September 10 business meeting to change our name from the Academic and Research Libraries Division to ACRL Maryland Chapter.  This name change will better reflect our status as the state chapter of ACRL.  All members are encouraged to attend and cast their vote.

The meeting will be held on September 10 from 1-3pm at the UMBC library in room 353G.

Directions to the campus may be found here:

You may also request a parking pass by contacting Katy Sullivan at Please provide her with your home address.  All parking pass requests should be made by September 1.

August 5, 2009

ARLD Meeting Minutes 8/4/09

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Attendees: Patty MacDonald, Michael Shochet, Jenny Hock, Amy Krug, Shu Qian, David Dahl, Katy Sullivan, Danielle Whren Johnson, Regina Rose, Joanna Gadsby, Nancy Nyland, Alison Cody

Fall Program (9/18/09)
The program is ready to go.  There will be a morning session featuring presentations by Susan Strasser and Judi Briden.  Judi Briden will run a workshop in the afternoon.  Attendance for the morning session is not limited; the afternoon session will be limited to about 20 participants.

Marketing the program will be important.  Ideas were given for marketing avenues, including listservs (neighboring library associations, divisions, and national lists), Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, mailing brochures to MLA members, announcing in ACRL Update, contacting area library directors, and highlighting the program on the MLA website.

Individuals were encouraged to promote the program using their personal social networking accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

  • Regina will put together a brochure to be mailed to MLA members.  (MLA will fund one mailing per year.)
  • Nancy will contact the D.C. Library Association and Lyrasis
  • Patty will contact the Delaware Library Association
  • David will send an email to library directors encouraging them to send employees to the program

Name Change
Voting on the proposed name change (from ARLD to ACRL Maryland Chapter) will be held during a business meeting in September.

Changing the name requires changing the bylaws for which a two-thirds majority is necessary.  A minimum of 10 voting members participate in voting in order for it to be official.  Thirty days of notice must be given before a vote is held.

Progress Reports for Annual Conference Programs

  • Running an effective business meeting – Michael looked into potential presenters from College Park, but this doesn’t appear to be an option.
  • Information literacy session – Michael talked to Patti Pfau at Harford Community College.  She showed initial in putting together a session about high school students and information literacy.  Patty talked to Moe Chakraborty at Salisbury University about a program on faculty-librarian collaboration.  She also discussed a session on media literacy with Sarah Crest at Towson University.
  • Katy is in contact with one of Towson’s graphic designers about a graphic design pre-conference.  Looking for someone with good presentation skills in addition to design skills.
  • Regina is interested in putting together a session about “survival guides/tips” for un- or under-employed librarians.  This could also include sensitivity training for search committees and interviewers.  It might be possible to co-sponsor the session with other divisions.
  • David will continue to pursue a topic for a technology-related session.  Towson University has recently undertaken a few mobile initiatives that could be turned into a session.  He will put out a call for speakers or session ideas on the MLA listserv.
  • Nancy will continue to pursue evidence-based librarianship.
  • Danielle will follow-up on a project management session.

Program forms are due October 9th.  These include the presentation topic, proposed day and time, learning objectives, format, suggested speakers, and estimated audience size.

Presenter agreement forms due November 13th.

Spring Program

Several ideas were presented for a spring program focusing on inexpensive and “cutting-edge” concepts.  Michael suggested doing an “unconference” based on the model presented at ALA Annual 2009 was discussed – sessions would be voted on with most popular sessions actually being presented.  Along these lines, David suggested having attendees vote on a “theme” or “issue” that could be addressed by small, facilitated discussion groups.  It was agreed that something incorporating both of these ideas would be worth pursuing further.

A demonstration of UMBC's interactive whiteboard, powered by Wii remotes.

A demonstration of UMBC's interactive whiteboard, powered by Wii remotes.


Shu Qian gave a presentation and demo of UMBC’s interactive learning space.  The room makes use of Wii remotes to create an interactive whiteboard.

Next Meeting
Time: 9/10/09 from 1-3 PM
Location: UMBC Library 353G
A vote on the proposed name change will be held at this meeting.

July 28, 2009

What Do Faculty and Students Want/Need from Librarians?

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You can find out at Capitol College on September 18.  The Academic and Research Libraries Division of MLA is sponsoring two programs – one in the morning and one in the afternoon – to explore questions surrounding what faculty and students want and need from academic libraries.

Morning Program: What Faculty Want/What Students Need
September 18, 2009
9:30 – 1:30 (lunch included) 2.5 contact hours
Capitol College, Avrum Gudelsky Auditorium
MLA Members $65, Non-Members $90, Students $57.50
Susan Strasser: Professor of History, University of Delaware
Judi Briden: Digital Librarian for Public Services and Brain & Cognitive Sciences Librarian, Rush Rhees Library, University of Rochester

Join the Academic and Research Libraries Division of MLA on September 18 at Capitol College for a discussion on what faculty and students expect and need from academic libraries.

Prof. Susan Strasser will begin the day with a provocative presentation of what faculty want from academic librarians and stimulate discussion by offering her perspective as a faculty member.  Dr. Strasser is a popular speaker on the “Faculty Point of View” at the prestigious Frye Leadership Institute.  She has taught at Bard, Princeton and George Washington University as well as the University of Delaware, she has won numerous awards, and she has been the Senior Resident Scholar at the Hagley Museum and Library for many years.

Dr. Strasser will be followed by a presentation on the needs of an academic library’s other main constituent: students.  While many have  opinions about what students need from libraries, librarians at the University of Rochester conducted ethnographic research with their own students to find out. They looked at how their students did their work in the context of the university. Judi Briden discusses how the research was conducted, what they learned, and changes they’ve made to improve services and facilities to better meet students’ needs.

Afternoon Program: What Do Your Students Need? Do-It-Yourself Ethnographic Research for Libraries
September 18, 2009
2:00 – 3:30, 1.5 Contact Hours
MLA members $30, Non-members $45, Students $25
Capitol College
Judi Briden: Digital Librarian for Public Services and Brain & Cognitive Sciences Librarian, Rush Rhees Library, University of Rochester

Learning about what students generally need is all well and good, but we all know that each campus is unique.  What you really want to know is what problems your students are facing and what your students need. In this session, Judi Briden will discuss in detail several ethnographic research techniques that were used at the University of Rochester Libraries. Attendees will have an opportunity to model some of these during the session. You can then take these techniques back to your home campus and use them to assess your own students and services.
[Note: due to the hands-on nature of this session only, it will be limited to 20 participants. The morning session is not limited]



You may register for either one or both programs.  To register, please complete the registration form at

You can submit the form online, or print it out and mail the form to the Maryland Library Association.
Please remember to be clear about the program(s) for which you are registering.

Susan Strasser, Professor of History at the University of Delaware, has been praised by the New Yorker for “retrieving what history discards: the taken-for-granted minutiae of everyday life.”  Her books include Never Done: A History of American Housework (1982), which won the Sierra Prize of the Western Association of Women Historians; Satisfaction Guaranteed: The Making of the American Mass Market (1989); and Waste and Want:  A Social History of Trash (1999), winner of the Abel Wolman Award from the Public Works Historical Society.  She studied at Reed College and the State University of New York at Stony Brook, and has also taught at The Evergreen State College, Princeton University, George Washington University, and the Bard Graduate Center for Studies in the Decorative Arts, Design, and Culture.  Her work has been supported by fellowships from the Rockefeller and Guggenheim foundations, the German Historical Institute, the Harvard Business School, the American Council of Learned Societies, Radcliffe College’s Bunting Institute, the Smithsonian Institution, and the Cultures of Consumption Programme, Birkbeck College, University of London. She is currently working on A Historical Herbal, an account of medicinal herbs in American culture.

July 24, 2009

Upcoming meeting – August 4th

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ARLD will hold their next meeting on August 4, from 1-3 pm. We will be meeting at the UMBC library in conference room – 353G in the Library’s Administration office.

Directions to the campus may be found here:

Agenda items for the meeting include:

  • Voting on changing the name of the division from ARLD to ACRL MD Chapter
  • Progress reports and perhaps brainstorming on program ideas for ARLD’s spring program and the 2010 MLA Conference
  • Promoting the Sept 18 program (
  • At the end of the meeting Shu Qian will provide a short presentation on the interactive learning space at UMBC that includes an interactive wiimote whiteboard. A short tour of the space will follow.

Snacks and drinks will be provided.

If you would like a parking pass for free parking please send an email to Katy Sullivan at with your home mailing address. Home addresses are requested as several people did not receive their passes in time due to hang ups in campus mail systems. Please send your request by July 28 to allow time for the pass to be mailed to you prior to the meeting.

July 23, 2009

ARLD Meeting Minutes 7/7/09

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ARLD Meeting Minutes
July 7, 2009
UMBC Library

Attendees: Joanna Gadsby, Jenny Hock, Kay Kazinski, Lynda Aldana, Shu Qian, Simmona Simmons, Michael Shochet, David Dahl, Nancy Nyland, Katy Sullivan, Danielle Whren-Johnson, Lee Marie Wisel, Raymond Wang

Introduction of new officers
Michael Shochet, University of Baltimore – President
Danielle Whren-Johnson, Loyola/Notre Dame – Vice-president/President-elect
David Dahl, Towson University – Secretary

Overview of Fall Program (9/18/09)
The program is 95% complete; still working out details such as catering, pricing, etc.

The program will feature two speakers:

  • Susan Strasser, Professor of History, University of Delaware – “What Faculty Want”
  • Judi Briden – University of Rochester’s research on undergraduate students and their use of library resources

A workshop led by Judi Briden will most likely be held in the afternoon on the 18th.  The workshop will cover ethnographic techniques that librarians can use at their home institutions.

The program will be held at Capitol College; Michael is working out the final details for this.  There will be separate costs for the morning and afternoon sessions.

Division Name Change
This was a follow-up to past discussion about changing the division’s name to reflect its association with ACRL.  The name change would require a change in the bylaws and a 30 day notice to all ARLD members.  An announcement will be made and voting can be held at the next meeting.

MLA Annual Conference 2010
Danielle attended the first program planning committee meeting for the 2010 Conference.  The conference will be held from April 21-23, 2010.  This is earlier than normal and will most likely affect the timing of ARLD’s spring program.  Program approval forms are due by 10/9/09.  At that time, a final list of programs needs to be submitted.
It was also noted that conference funds are down this year.  Speakers can most likely be brought in for pre-conferences and programs if funds are recuperated.

Annual & Spring Program Ideas
Discussion ensued about potential programs and workshops for both ARLD’s Spring Program and the MLA Annual Conference.  The following topics were suggested:

  • Information literacy – collaborating with faculty
  • Working in a multi-generational workplace – it may be possible to co-sponsor this program with another MLA division
  • Project planning & management – Danielle mentioned that this topic was brought up previously at the MLA Program Planning meeting.  There is a possibility of getting speakers for this from Notre Dame
  • Technology related presentation – mobile technologies were suggested by David; Michael suggested widgets (igoogle, etc.)
  • Graphic design program – it was suggested that this could be a pre-conference (hands-on workshop). Graphic designers from The Sun or the Washington Post could be potential speakers (possibly free).
  • Interactive learning w/technology – using whiteboards was brought up as a potential sub-topic.
  • Evidence-based librarianship – this topic had been mentioned previously. The Health Interest Group may be interested in co-sponsoring this program.
  • Working with online classes/distance learning – this would cover new methods & best practices.
  • Conflict management
  • Running effective meetings/participating in meetings effectively – running committees was suggested as a related topic.

Follow-up on program ideas
The next step is to look for speakers for topics.  The following attendees volunteered to begin to investigate speakers for the respective topics:

  • Nancy Nyland – evidence-based librarianship & multi-generational workplace
  • Lynda Aldana – Project planning/management
  • Katy Sullivan – Graphic design program
  • Michael Shochet -running effective meetings (potential speakers from College Park)
  • David Dahl – technology-related program (e.g. widgets, mobile technology, etc.)

David will talk to MILEX members about the possibility of co-sponsoring a Spring Program related to information literacy and faculty collaboration. Michael will present other topics to absent librarians for ideas, leads, etc.

Bus trip
Some interest was expressed in putting together a bus trip.  Past trips have beend difficult to manage due to the costs and planning involved.  The last trip, planned for New York City, was cancelled due to a lack of interest.  Philadelphia and Baltimore museum libraries were suggested as two potential destinations.

ALA Annual
David will attend the ACRL Chapter’s Council meeting at ALA Annual in Chicago

Kay Kazinski, Library Technology Coordinator at Towson University, gave a demonstration of the LibX toolbar (  The toolbar is an open-source tool that can be customized by libraries to provide another means of accessing library resources.  Her handout for getting started is available at

Meeting Location
Possible meeting locations were discussed.  Both Montgomery College and Morgan State University were suggested as potential meeting locations.  It was decided that it was better to hold business meetings near Baltimore since officers and program planners are mostly located in this area.  The idea of hosting spring and fall programs in more “remote” areas was suggested.

Next meeting
Time: 8/4/09; 1-3 PM
Location: UMBC Library

June 17, 2009

ARLD Meeting July 7 1-3pm

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ARLD will hold their next meeting on Tuesday, July 7 from 1-3 pm.  We will be meeting at the UMBC library in conference room – 353G in the Library’s Administration office.

Directions to the campus may be found here:

Attendees can request a parking pass that lets them park at any meter.
In order to receive a parking pass please email Katy Sullivan ( with your address (home address preferred) and a parking pass will be mailed to you.  The woman who handles the parking permits is going to be out in early July, so the earlier you can request one the better.

Agenda items for the meeting include:

  • The introduction of the new ARLD officers for 2009-2010
  • Discussion of a name change for the division from ARLD to ACRL MD Chapter
  • Brainstorming and discussion of program ideas for ARLD’s spring program and the 2010 MLA Conference
  • Then at the end of the meeting Kay Kazinski, Library Tech Coordinator from Towson University will provide a short demonstration/presentation on the LibX toolbar.

Snacks and drinks will be provided.

We hope to see you there.

May 26, 2009

End of another exciting year with ARLD

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The ARLD calendar runs from July-June, so we’re coming up on the end of this year. We’ve had a lot of great programming this year, which we hope to continue in the upcoming year.

Our summer and early fall was filled with some great planning meetings that generated a lot of excellent ideas. Thanks to everyone who came and helped contribute. We hope to see you and your great ideas at our future meetings. We tried to conclude each of our planning meetings with short demonstrations of things that might be useful to academic librarians. Danielle Whren Johnson exhibited what the Loyola Notre Dame Library is doing with digital video, David Dahl provided us with a demonstration on how to use Adobe Captivate and Lucy Holman led a discussion on the use of Wikipedia.

ARLD’s fall program this year focused on open source software. “Open Source Catalogs, OPACS and more: The Next Generation is Here Now!” was held at Chesapeake College in Wye Mills, MD in September. Andrea Neiman, Technical Services Librarian and Jerry Keiser, Library Director from Kent County Public Library discussed their implementation of the Evergreen open source integrated library system and Andrew Nagy, Technology Department Specialist presented on VuFind the open source OPAC he developed for Villanova University.

This year’s spring program, held in April at Goucher College in Towson, MD, concentrated on how to market your library. Deborah Nolan the University Librarian at the Albert S. Cook Library at Towson provided a hands on presentation on creating a library marketing plan, Eleni Swengler, Senior Graphic Designer from Towson University presented on creating great do-it-yourself marketing materials, and Nancy Magnuson the College Librarian from the Julia Rogers Library at Goucher College discussed the John Cotton Dana award, which is awarded to libraries for outstanding public relations campaigns.

ARLD also hosted five wonderful programs and one preconference at the Maryland Library Association’s Annual Conference, held May 13-15 in Ocean City, MD.

  • Stephanie Garibaldi from SpeakEasyDC led our preconference “Sure You Can Find Any Book, but Can You Find Your Story?”
  • Terri Ottoson, Consumer Health Outreach Coordinator from the University of Maryland, Baltimore’s Health Sciences and Human Services Library presented “From Snake Oil to Penicillan: Health Information for Librarians”
  • Carrie Bertling, David Dahl, and Carissa Tomlinson, Emerging Technologies Librarians from Towson University presented “Blog Like You Mean It: Creating a Blog to Fill an Information Need”
  • Ray O’Keefe from Enoch Pratt Library, Shana Gass from Towson University, and Mandy Hackley from Salisbury University spoke on “Business Resources for the Literature Lover”
  • Lucy Holman, Director of the Langsdale Library at the University of Baltimore spoke on her research regarding “Millenials Mysterious Search Habits”
  • Mary Jo Lazun and Katherine Baer from the Maryland State Law Library presented on “Capturing the Elusive Government Document Before It Disappears: The Chesapeake Project”

We hope everyone was able to attend at least one of these great programs, and we look forward to providing you with more great programming in the upcoming year.  We already have the fall program tentatively scheduled for September 18 featuring Susan Strasser, Professor of History from the University of Delaware speaking on what faculty want from libraries and Judi Briden from the University of Rochester libraries speaking on what students need from libraries.  Look for more information on this program in the upcoming months.

And if creating all this wonderful programming wasn’t enough, ARLD was hard at work behind the scenes this year as well.  This blog and our wiki ( were launched.  Additionally, Alison Cody, the Public Relations Librarian at the Loyola Notre Dame Library helped us redesign ARLD’s brochure to help promote our organization.

Thanks to our outgoing President, Patty MacDonald, the Associate University Librarian for Administrative Services at Towson University for providing excellent direction for ARLD over this past year.  We hope to continue your great work in the future.

Additional thanks to Michael Shochet, the Systems/Reference Librarian at the University of Baltimore’s Langsdale Library, who as ARLD’s vice president was in charge of creating all the great conference programs we had this year.  Michael will be continuing his excellent work with ARLD in the coming year as our president.

I (Danielle Whren Johnson, Digital Access Librarian, Loyola/Notre Dame Library) have been pleased to serve as your secretary this year.  Hopefully I’ve been able to keep you informed and up-to-date on what is happening with ARLD.  I look forward to serving as the ARLD vice president in the coming year.

And we will be welcoming on David Dahl, Emerging Technologies Librarian from Towson University as our secretary for 2009-2010.

We’re looking forward to another great year with ARLD and hope you are too.

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